High 5 4 Kids: Gracey Chafin

High 5 4 Kids: Gracey Chafin

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Gracey Chafin and her red wagons made the rounds at Children's Hospital June 3. The wagons full of play dough, Barbie's and coloring books were all for kids in the hospital.

"I went to the mall with my grandma one time and I went to my favorite store Justice. They asked me if I wanted to donate a dollar to the Children's Hospital," Gracey explained. "I said, 'what is the Children's Hospital?' And they explained it."

Gracey took her idea to Byrd Elementary School, where she was then in the second grade.

"I asked my principal the next week if I could do a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital at the school," she said.

Gracey started passing out flyers at school, asking other kids and their families to donate. Before she knew it, there were 13 wagons, filled with 1,300 toys. But that was last year. Mom said this time, she's filled 28 wagons with more than 2,000 toys.

"[It] makes me feel good to see all the kids happy," Gracey said. "I'm just excited for them to know that they have care and people love them."

"The whole family is so proud of her," Mom Stacey said, "and she makes all of us cry when we talk about it. We want to keep encouraging her to give back."

Children's Hospital said the toys are used for everything from comfort to birthday parties and stocking the playroom.

"We use them in the surgery area," Child Life Specialist Mandy Lee said. "Every child who comes in for surgery gets to pick out a toy beforehand on the day of surgery. We also use them for prizes after a painful procedure."

Gracey says her goal next year is to fill 30 wagons with 3,000 toys.

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