Artists start painting for Augusta's 'Art the Box' project

Artists start painting for Augusta's 'Art the Box' project

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Artists are taking their paintbrushes to the streets of Augusta to spruce up some plain traffic signal boxes.

A total of 19 artists were chosen to paint 23 colorful and creative designs on traffic signal boxes around the city. The project, call Art the Box, is led by the Greater Augusta Arts Council, the city of Augusta and the Downtown Development Authority.

The traffic signal boxes were selected in order to spread art throughout the whole city, with special attention placed on the city's gateways.

"It is the art council's mission to enrich the quality of life by advancing the arts. And what better way to enhance lives is there than art?," said Brenda Durant, executive director of the Greater Augusta Arts Council. "We hope these pieces will inspire conversation and a sense of pride in this place we call home."

The designs selected were chosen based on artistic merit, relevance to the location and quality of design execution.

The use of social media plays an important role with this initiative. Artists are documenting their work on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #arttheboxAUG. The arts council is also asking the public to participate by following the news feeds, commenting, encouraging the artists and posting their own photos of the artwork.

Painting started Thursday and will be completed by the end of the month. A reveal party will take place on June 5 at 600 Broad St.