High 5 4 Kids: Gracey Chafin

High 5 4 Kids: Gracey Chafin

GRANITEVILLE, SC (WFXG) - She's just seven, going on eight years old, but this second grader from Byrd Elementary School is well beyond her years.

"They brought stuff and I would go count it every morning, and there would be two people helping me," the little girl explained.

Gracey Chafin spearheaded a fundraiser to help collect toys for patients at the Children's Hospital of Georgia in Augusta. It started with a classmate and a disease nobody this young should have to go through, let alone pronounce.

"Her name is Julia Grace, she had...Leu...Leu...leukemia," she struggled to pronounce.

That was just the start of Gracey's giving streak.

"She lost her hair from all the medicine that she was taking, so mom donated thirteen inches, and a year later, I donated ten inches of my hair for her," said Gracey.

And then, a trip to the mall inspired her to start collecting all these toys.

"I passed out a flier to all the children in my school."

Soon - hundreds and hundreds of toys, books, and games came in to support her cause - they also brought in a dozen wagons to fit it all in.

Even the other school children lent a helping hand.

"They were excited. They said I'm excited to help too with all this stuff. So they helped and got all sorts of stuff," said Gracey.

Gracey plans to bring all those toys to the hospital Thursday.

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