'Tech incubator' planned for Augusta?

'Tech incubator' planned for Augusta?

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - "We've been working with cities like Athens, and the Four Athens Incubator, to see what makes their incubator so successful," said Eric Parker, co-founder of ClubHou.se

While Parker's own endeavors have been successful, city development officials are hoping to expand that growth by creating what's called a tech incubator.

"This is people who are designers, developers, entrepreneurs, that get together and surrounding them with experience in running their own companies," said Parker.

Parker, co-founder of Downtown Augusta's ClubHou.se tech center is working with city leaders to help development in the urban core.

"We've created about six companies, but there is 20 plus companies in the clubhou.se right now. "And of those, there is about three and a half million dollars in revenue."

The goal of this idea is to help individual businesses and ideas branch out, with technology and new media in mind.

"People that mentor them along, so that when they make mistakes, hopefully they can learn from them faster, and be able to correct them and have more successful companies," said Parker.

With more and more tech startups in our area, Parker is hoping they can team up and expand their reach to new heights.

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