South Aiken High teacher accused of sexual battery resigns

South Aiken High teacher accused of sexual battery resigns

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - The South Aiken High School coach and teacher accused of having an unlawful physical relationship with a student is no longer employed at the school, Aiken County Public School District officials said.

Michael Paul Waters, 41, voluntarily resigned from his position, district officials said.

Waters is facing five counts of sexual battery with a student, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety. Det. Jeremy Hembree said the incidents happened both on and off campus.

"For right now what we know is the alleged incidents took place began sometime around September and they involved on school property and off-school property," said Hembree.

Although the legal age of consent in the state of South Carolina is 16, and the student was legal, Detective Hembree says it's a little different when these kinds of relationships involve teachers.

"16 is the age of consent as a minor to where you become an adult," Hembree said. "However anytime a student-teacher relationship involved, it takes on a different meaning to where you have to determine age and the official duties of that person in their capacity as a teach or a faculty member."

Waters was arrested in December.

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