Fort Gordon breaks ground on exchange project

Fort Gordon breaks ground on expanded Exchange

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - One stop shopping and construction are both on the way to Fort Gordon.

Friday, officials on the installation broke ground on a new project that will expand the Army Exchange and put all the post retail stores under one roof.

Fort Gordon General Manager Stefan Marks said a plan is in the works to make sure traffic isn't too backed up.

"The interruption we foresee is going to be minimal. Of course when the parking lot gets busted up, customers will have to move their cars, employee entrance might change, but based on the way we see the project going, the interruption will be in sections."

Fort Gordon officials said the 'sections' will be six phases of construction, planned out carefully for the over 21 million dollar project.

Marks said, "The first phase is 10 months and each other phase is about 2 months to 2 ½ months."

Marks said the project is scheduled to be done in August of 2015. The Exchange will go from its current 80 thousand square feet to almost 170 thousand square feet.

Retail for Fort Gordon, things like dry cleaning and the pharmacy, will all go under one roof, instead of two.

Fort Gordon Garrison Commander Sam Anderson said, "We have a couple of pharmacies here on the installation. One is the hospital which is very crowded. Once this one gets expanded, this will be another avenue to get support quickly. Also while they're here, they will be able to do a variety of other functions."

Officials said construction is set to kick off Monday, October 28th.