Teachers back in class as students learning to teach outside classroom

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - We trust our children's education to their teachers; and teachers who hope to do a better job instructing our young ones are going back to school to learn their trade better.

"Most of the education that we have in schools today is relatively generic, it's what we've always been taught, it's been around for actually probably 100 years," said Augusta State University Assistant Professor, Drew Kemp.

To change the way students are taught, Professor Kemp started a class at ASU for teachers; in order to help them bring real-life examples to the classroom.

The main purpose of the summer class is to take the student teachers away from their desk so they can learn first-hand about Augusta's history.

"Take our class to into other places in our city and go visit and learn why our area is so historic," said Betsy Thompson, a second grade teacher who is taking the summer class.

The teachers hope to help children love to learn about the place where they live when they return to their classrooms in the fall.

Tuesday, Augusta Mayor Deke Copenhaver instructed the student teachers about government; and he's looking forward to the teachers sharing their knowledge with their students.

"To reach out to these young people, to share with them ways to get involved - it's extremely helpful," Copenhaver, said.

"If we really want to build our community and make it what we know it can be and really value the people that live it in, it's really going to take all of us investing ourselves," said Marie Gunter, a first grade teacher in the class.

Even though the class has just begun, Sarah Given, who teaches Physical Education for grades 6-8 has the creative juices flowing and she's coming up with ideas to change the landscape of her classroom.

"I'm a PE teacher; I want it to be more family oriented, not just an afterschool program where the kids are dropped off," Given, said.

Given, along with dozens of other teachers in the summer class are changing the way they teach so youngsters can take learning to another level.