Grow Your Business - Radio

Pros - One-on-one and personal, radio attracts people by their individual tastes and keeps up with changes in public tastes. Because it appeals to the imagination as a sound-only medium, it involves people emotionally. High in audience loyalty, the same people tend to tune to the same stations at the same time each day. Additionally, people spend a lot of time listening to radio. Advertisers appreciate radio for its message flexibility—where last-minute copy charges can be made. They likes its selectivity—an opportunity to pinpoint target audiences. Most of all advertisers like radio for its low unit rates—it is relatively inexpensive to buy.

Cons - Many of radio's strengths are also seen as weaknesses. With so many radio stations, each a different format—and frequently changing formats—often there's no guarantee of deliverable audiences. Radio is almost too select, too narrow. Multiple stations and formats fractionalize audiences. And this means buying radio is difficult—to reach a substantial market requires using numerous radio stations. Radio also tends to be a background medium—secondary to another activity. It can be difficult to catch and hold a listener's attention to an advertising message. The new generation of iPod, MP3, and Satellite radio listeners are hurting listenership levels severely. Cellular phone usage also continues to lower attention levels in cars.