Grow Your Business - Yellow Pages

Pros - Distributed to almost every household, place of business, public place, the yellow pages offer near total coverage and immediate access. A comprehensive shopper, an advertiser may place an ad in as many classifications as its services can cover with flexibility in ad size from name and address up to a full page, describing multiple customer benefits. Easy to "buy", an ad placed once runs uninterrupted for a year.

Cons - The traditional Yellow Pages book is quickly becoming somewhat of a dinosaur as people are using the Internet more and more for their business searches. Studies show declines in usage of 30+ percent and growing yearly though costs continue to escalate. The book is passive and not necessarily competitive to other advertising media. Many franchise companies are recommending less in yellow page advertising to their franchisees to save money but still be on the Internet site. Most markets have multiple books, and in each book each advertiser is buried among competitive advertisers. Fixed in its listings, the advertiser is limited in advertising opportunities, with no chance to change marketing direction, promote new selling advantages, or seasonal events. And unless the advertiser invests heavily, larger ads will dominate its smaller ad or listing.