North Augusta Public Safety introduces new emergency system

North Augusta Public Safety introduces new emergency system

NORTH AUGUSTA, SC (WFXG) - North Augusta is working with a company called CodeRED to send out alerts to residents quickly during emergencies. The city’s main objective is to reach the entire population and keep everyone safe.

North Augusta Public Safety believes CodeRED is a reliable system that will help with executing their emergency preparedness plans, while also making sure residents only receive emergency notices that are relevant to them.

“If it’s a missing child, of course we want everyone to know. But, if it’s a house on fire people on the other side of the city might not need to know about that, just the people on that block,” said Amanda Moore who is a dispatcher with North Augusta Public Safety.

Dispatch, as always, is on the front line to inform residents. They will be the ones responsible for sending out the alerts. “By the time we are notified of the emergency and dispatch is told by our supervisors to go ahead and send out the messages, we can go in and choose on the map where we want the messages to go, type in our message and have it sent in under five minutes,” explains Moore.

This year North Augusta saw a lot of storm damage across the city, down power lines and tress, and several road closures. With the help of CodeRED, residents will be notified of these damages as soon as possible.

“They will get a text, a call, an email, whatever it is they choose telling them what kind of situation it is. Like, the red light is out, or West Five Notch, a lot of trees go down. West Five Notch a lot of trees are down, please find an alternate route,” said Moore.

Signing up for CodeRED is optional. Public Safety says there are many elderly residents in North Augusta who may not have internet, so they offer a wide range of alerts including text messages or phone calls. To sign up, click here.

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