Pete Buttigieg stumps in Allendale

Pete Buttigieg stumps in Allendale

ALLENDALE, SC (WFXG) - Pete Buttigieg was in South Carolina stumping for the 2020 democratic presidential nomination. Many came out to listen to the candidate. FOX 54 spoke to residents who believe his visit may have a big impact on voters.

The Indiana mayor discussed a range of topics including education, gun violence, and poverty. Residents who came out did not hold back on asking questions.

Tashaka Robinson says he has already decided that he will be voting for the candidate. He stands by Buttigieg’s hopes to pass gun legislation to reduce violence. “Since he’s the mayor of South Bend, Indiana he can pretty much relate on a local level about the recent shooting we’ve had in the past two years has escalated with African American males,” said Robinson.

Allendale has struggled in past with South Carolina declaring a state of emergency for their public school system. Three out of the four schools in Allendale County were in the bottom percent of all schools in the state.

Michael Hallicey is undecided but wanted to hear the candidates views on education. “He has a policy that he’s in favor of trying to increase the number of people with bachelor’s degrees in rural areas by 25% over the next 10 years, and I think that’s a great policy to try and implement,” explained Hallicey.

Professor Wilda Robinson was in attendance and is undecided, as well. She told FOX 54 Buttigieg does not have many black supporters and coming to places like Allendale will help his chances to gain black votes. “Him coming here means that he had a desire to learn more about a community such as Allendale. There are many Allendales around the county but he came here where we have a large percentage of African Americans, and where we turn out the vote big, especially in presidential elections.”

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