Thousands enjoy Thanksgiving on Fort Gordon

Thousands enjoy Thanksgiving on Fort Gordon

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Service members committed to serving others celebrated Thanksgiving on Fort Gordon. They’re thankful for dinner here in Dining Hall 6.

“Just having my son here and my daughter and my wife means a lot. And then my brother, I haven’t seen my brother in almost eight months," said PVT Joshua Hall.

PVT Hall was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood for seven months. He’s missed both his children’s birthdays.

“Whether its three hours or a day, just seeing them, it means a lot. A lot," Hall said.

Nearly 9,000 people, including soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen, their families and retirees shared a meal made with love. Dining facilities staff prepared: 2,000 pounds of turkey, 1,200 pounds of ham, 420 pounds of shrimp, 500 pounds of prime rib and 660 pounds of roast beef.

Commanding officers mingled with the men and women. They also rolled up their sleeves to help serve. A meaningful tradition to those stationed here.

“They’re my role models. I look up to those people. It’s great to see guys like that go out and take initiative and show everybody else how to lead," said SPC Joshua Hall.

Tiffany Galloway is Fort Gordon’s dining facility manager, the person responsible for putting on an extravagant eating experience there for the past decade. FOX 54 caught up with the manager as she greeted each guest, running off of only one hour of sleep. She said she works hard to have everything anyone could ever want to eat for Thanksgiving.

“We want them to feel like they’re home. We know they can’t get there. We want them to be just as comfortable here eating as they would be with their families. They’re just like family to us, so we’re going to treat them and feed them like family,” she explained.

Galloway said her staff cooked all the food overnight and they prepare for the event weeks, even months in advance. It’s hard work but seeing the soldiers’ faces is worth it all.

Dining Hall 6 won the annual Commanding General’s Best Decorated Dining Facility Competition, which took place during this event to recognize the very best staff for their culinary skills and display presentations. The Commanding General presented the staff with a trophy.

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