TBONZ Steakhouse gives away Thanksgiving meals

TBONZ Steakhouse gives away Thanksgiving meals

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - With Thanksgiving coming up tomorrow, one local restaurant is preparing to give away hundreds of Thanksgiving meals.

For 26 years, TBONZ Steakhouse on Washington Rd. has had their twist of making over 600 under-privileged childrens’ Thanksgiving special. With one month preparation each year, they look forward to seeing smiling faces.

“We saw that someone was doing this in Savannah and we said, that would be great if we could do it in Augusta, and so we said ‘lets do it’,” said Co-Owner of TBONZ Steakhouse Henry Scheer.

It’s called TBONZ Thanksgiving. It’s an invitation only event that will provide children with meals, books to read, and even a visit from Old Saint Nick.

Manager Elizabeth Lindsey said, “We think it’s an awesome tradition that we like to keep going. Kids have a blast, we have a blast and it gives them a little bit of joy.”

That’s not all the local restaurant has in store. They also had the privilege of getting a local artist to create paintings on to-go boxes. “It’s not like I have to beg them. It’s like every year, they’re like ‘okay Henry, I am coming to get my to-go box', you know? And they do it and they look forward to it,” said Scheer.

“I’ve been doing this for 14 years and I have no chance of stopping. It gives me goose bumps every time I think about it. It’s serving people, it’s being thankful,” said bar manager Rachel Spurrier.

“I was like running all over the restaurant, giving them drink, cleaning up tables or picking up dishes from the tables and it was just, I loved it,” said volunteer Peyton Spurrier.

When it’s all said and done, whatever is left from the TBONZ Thanksgiving , they send it over to the Salvation Army. “They expect us to come in at about 4:15 and they’re waiting on us to get that, so nothing we do gets wasted,” Scheer said.

TBONZ Steakhouse gives away Thanksgiving meals

If you would like to volunteer for next year’s TBONZ Thanksgiving, they encourage people to contact their restaurant.

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