Members of Harrisburg church feed homeless for Thanksgiving

Members of Harrisburg church feed homeless for Thanksgiving

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Dozens of people who have nowhere to live had Thanksgiving dinner at First United Pentecostal Church in Harrisburg. Church members picked up their guests from local shelters and gave them a delicious meal.

One church member told FOX 54 his outreach is means so much to him because he’s been in their shoes. “Thirty years ago, I didn’t have no place to lay my head. Sleeping in the back of cars and all. Couldn’t find no work, going from one place to missions, Salvation Army. Sleeping under bridges, back of cars, all of that. I had a bad drinking problem. I couldn’t get rid of it,” said longtime church member and outreach volunteer Allen Hudson.

Hudson now rides the city bus and talks to people, inviting them to his church.

After the dinner, volunteers boxed up the extra food and gave it to homeless people downtown.

Event organizers said this dinner is a yearly tradition that gets larger with the help of local businesses like Diablo’s and Kroger on Alexander Lane.

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