Crime along Martin Luther King Boulevard

Crime along Martin Luther King Boulevard

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - With the entire CSRA still reeling from the death of Investigator Cecil Ridley, many are saying the area around Augusta Mart is in a dangerous part of Augusta. FOX 54 took a look at the number of shootings that have happened in the past 5 years within 100 ft. of Martin Luther King Blvd. where Augusta Mart is located.

According to the Richmond County Sheriffs Office: in 2014 there were three shootings, and in 2015 there were two shootings, five shootings reported in 2016, four shootings in 2017, and in 2018 there were two shootings. So far this year two shootings have been reported, making that a total of almost 20 shootings.

District 2 Commissioner Dennis Willams represents this part of the city. He tells FOX 54 it’s a low income neighborhood known for criminal activity. He isn’t surprised by the amount of shootings.

“Years ago, hand guns were harder to come by, but now a days they are everywhere. Because there is a market for them and as long as there is a market for them, no matter how many laws and rules you give, there will always be people interested in illegal guns,” said Williams.

Commissioner Williams believes it’s hard to determine what may lead a person to a life of crime but he thinks there is a lack of desire to work hard for what you want in life. He says instead many are attracted to fast money by selling drugs.

“The opportunity of doing wrong is much greater than doing right. A opportunity of going out and developing a gang or getting involved in a gang and start committing crimes can seem to be more beneficial than working hard and getting a good education,” explained Williams.

Commissioner Williams tells us crime is just one of the many ways of life and individually a person chooses which way they want to go.

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