The Salvation Army’s red kettles are back for 2019

The Salvation Army’s red kettles are back for 2019

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Everyone knows the sound of The Salvation Army bell ringers. It’s become a staple of the holiday season. For the 2019 red kettle season, The Salvation Army has made an update to keep up with the cashless society we live in.

They’re calling it ‘Kettle Pay.’ It can be used with Apple Pay and Google Pay, and it’s easy. Anyone wanting to donate money can simply pull out their cell phone and hold the camera up to the QCR code, when it will take the user straight to a donation page where they can choose to donate either $5, $10 or $25.

Of course, anyone is welcome to drop cash into the kettle just like any other year, but The Salvation Army said this was just a way to add convenience for people who do not carry cash.

Trevon King, Congregational Life Officer, said, “It’s quick and easy. So that way, when you’re walking past the kettle, instead of cash, whip out your phone, and boom. It’s that easy.”

The Salvation Army raised about $150,000 in 2018 through their red kettle program, and they hope this system will help them reach a $250,000 goal this year.

Red kettles and bell ringers will be out and about every Monday through Saturday until Christmas.

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