Black Voices for Trump initiative in Atlanta

Black Voices for Trump initiative in Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA (WFXG) - President Donald Trump was in Atlanta to kick off his Black Voices for Trump initiative on Friday, Nov. 8.

“We support President Trump," said Reggie Carr. “We’re glad that he’s here, so we have to come out and support him and let everyone know that we support President Trump 2020.”

Our Commander and Chief certainly felt the love this afternoon as hundreds of his supporters came out to welcome him to Atlanta and help him kick off his new coalition that’s aimed at black voters.

The President was joined by Vice President Pence, and many other notable figures such as Governor Kemp. The line to get into the Black Voices for Trump kickoff event was snaked through the building, and they even had to turn people away because they filled the room’s capacity. America is about one year out from the 2020 election, and today marks three years since the state of Georgia voted red.

Even though there was a great turnout, the supporters inside today said this is only the beginning.

“It’s not enough. More people need to come out. More people need to stop being afraid. There’s more of us. They’re just afraid. They’re afraid of the media and the personalities that shut them down. We’re Americans. We’re not just black, we’re Americans and the hyphens need to be taken off,” said Trump supporter Mykel Barthelemy. “He is a brash, bold person. He is for black people, he’s for our communities. He’s done great things for us."

Not everyone in the city was happy with his visit. “My first thought when I heard he was coming to Atlanta was that he is not welcome,” said Trump protester Christy Paige.

Some, like Paige, said his black voices coalition didn’t make sense. “How could you think that he cares about your problems when he shows the world every day that he only cares about his personal problems?” asked Paige.

For the President’s supporters, choosing him is easy. “He’s for America. He’s for Americans, and if you can’t get behind that, something’s wrong,” said Carr.

“What he’s doing with prison reform and the first step act, what he’s doing lowering the black unemployment rate, it’s a tremendous testimony to what kind of guy he is and how he feels about people that look like me,” said Trump supporter Joel Patrick.

Black Voices for Trump initiative in Atlanta

The Trump campaign hopes that with the Black Voices for Trump, the 2020 election will be easily won.

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