Woman claims multiple men attacked her in her car

Woman claims multiple men attacked her in her car

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - An Augusta woman is on high alert after she says multiple men tried to pull her out of her car against her will.

According to the incident report from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, Scott told the responding deputy that early Thursday morning she stopped to help a Hispanic female who was holding a baby on her hip with a Hispanic man. In the report, Scott said, the couple appeared to be broken down, once Scott stopped, she looked in her rear-view and realized her vehicle was surrounded by Hispanic men.

She says she tried to pull forward to get away after she saw one of the men pull out a bat and smash her car.

“I thought she needed help, but as they got out of the car and I looked in my rear-view and saw all of these men. What made me realize is, is they don’t want my car, they want me. When the man said get her by her head and i was like, who!?” exclaimed Scott.

In the report, Scott did admit to the deputy that she had been drinking but was just tipsy and fine to drive. The sheriff’s office says, they were able to pull one print from the passenger side door and will process the print for a match.

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