Veteran watches over 11 abandoned headstones that will be installed at local cemetery

Veteran watches over 11 abandoned headstones that will be installed at local cemetery

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) -Quincy Hillman retired from the Army after 27 years of service a few years go. Nowadays you can find him volunteering at Southview Cemetery.

“These veterans here, they’re like my soldiers. I’m a retired first sergeant and first sergeant business is taking care of soldiers,” explained Hillman.

He’s guarding nine of the 140 headstones that were found during an inspection at the abandoned Dent’s Funeral home months ago and two more that were recently discovered outside of Southview.

When he heard dozens of veterans didn’t receive a proper grave marker, it didn’t sit well with him. So he volunteered to deliver them to this cemetery.

“If veterans provided honorable service to their country it should be reciprocated. What we’re dealing with now is grave disrespect," Hillman said.

He says as a veteran, he couldn’t let them rest without their accolades. “This is a way to say thank you to the veterans for what they’ve done. some have lost their lives, some have lost limbs.”

Forces United’s Deputy Director Don Clark said various cemeteries and churches have agreed to absorb the cost of headstone installations. The organization tells us veteran delivery teams are still waiting on some grave keepers to put them in place.

“I’m gonna make sure that their honors are taken care of. I’ll be on them daily to make sure. Until they’re in the ground, I am accountable for those people,” said Clark.

Every single grave marker, every single day, until the job is done.

Family members of those veterans participated in a special ceremony last week at Dyess Park. Hillman said there will be another ceremony honoring those veterans when the final headstones are officially installed.

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