Governor Brian Kemp attends Georgia Pacific ribbon cutting

Governor Brian Kemp attends Georgia Pacific ribbon cutting

WARRENTON, GA (WFXG) - Governor Brian Kemp attends the ribbon cutting of the new Georgia pacific facility in Warrenton Wednesday.

The company said the mill added more than 80 employees to the county’s workforce and employs 179 full-time employees. The new mill comes after the Georgia Pacific plant in Thomson, Georgia shut it’s doors last June due to a fire causing about 100 employees to lose their jobs.

About another 240 employees lost their jobs last month in South Carolina after the company announced they were slowing down operations in Allendale and McCormick due to older infrastructure and market changes.

The company’s CEO told FOX54 that all of the workers who were laid off had an opportunity to apply for jobs within the company at other sites and half of the new employees at the Warrenton site are those who lost their job in Thomson after the fire.

Governor Kemp said the project sends a clear message to the rest of rural Georgia.

“We’re serious about economic development. We want to continue to work with local leaders. I know this project had a lot of collaboration with the development authority, the local officials, state involvement and that makes for a good cocktail if you will, when you’re pitching economic development projects and we are committed to that,” said Governor Brian Kemp.

The company said the 340-thousand-square-foot Warrenton project cost $135 million dollars to build.

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