UPDATE: Jimmy John’s franchise owner responds to sweet tea incident

Pills found in Augusta Jimmy John’s tea

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is investigating suspicious pills found in the tea at an Augusta Jimmy John’s. According to incident reports from the sheriff’s office, pills were found in the restaurant’s tea pitchers on 2 separate occasions.

Just before 10 p.m. on Halloween, deputies responded to the Jimmy John’s on Agerton Lane for reports of a suspicious substance found in the tea pitcher. The store manager told deputies that a couple came into the store shortly before and told her there was something in their sweet tea. The couple reportedly complained of stomach pains and said they would be going to the emergency room. The manager told deputies she’d found what she believed to be pills in the bottom of the pitcher.

A few days later on Nov. 4, deputies were called back out to Jimmy John’s for another report of a strange substance in the tea. This time, an employee discovered what he believed to be ecstasy pills after tasting the tea. The responding deputy found 2 circular peach-colored objects in the tea. They were able to retrieve a piece of one of the objects and took it in for evidence along with some of the tea.

During both incidents, employees told deputies they did not know how long the pills had been in the tea or how they got there.

UPDATE: On Friday, Nov. 8, the franchise owner of the Jimmy Johns location where the pills were found in the tea.

The safety of our products and our customers is our top priority. As soon as we learned of the incident in the Augusta store, we notified local authorities and are fully cooperating with their investigation.
Mike Hutko, Jimmy John's Local Franchisee

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