Rep. Rick Allen talks cyber security future at Fort Gordon, Lock and Dam

Rep. Rick Allen talks cyber security future at Fort Gordon, Lock and Dam

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - Georgia Congressman Rick Allen visited Fort Gordon and the Georgia Cyber Center Monday, Nov.4. He was briefed on missions, programs and construction.

"This is the new frontier in warfare. No question about it."

Representative Rick Allen stood confidently in front of Fort Gordon's Gate One.

He said the cyber command is already connecting his district to the world and that he’s excited about the future of cybersecurity there.

“We think in June we’re moving Gen. Fogarty down - he’s head of cyber command - along with about 900 people. The building, the Whitelaw building, will be occupied about that time pretty much right on schedule.”

Everything construction-wise is on target, he says. He’s amazed at what soldiers on the post are doing to protect cyberspace.

“Can’t talk too much about what we’re developing in the lab because that’s classified, but it’s extraordinary. It’s extraordinary what we can do on the battlefield. I see how we got BagI’m telling you If I was the enemy I’d be concerned right now.”

Congressman Allen mentioned the continuing resolution The House passed to extend government funding through Nov. 21.

He said it’s hard for the military to make critical decisions like equipment purchases and solve the post’s housing issues under those circumstances.

"It's not an option. We have to make it happen."

Representative Allen said he’s taking everything he saw and experienced at the Cyber Center and Fort Gordon to Congress to make sure there’s adequate funding to get this mission accomplished on a top tier level.

Representative Allen also said a proposal to connect the base to I-20 is critical to the post’s continued growth and there’s a possibility that this could be funded through local transportation taxes and department of defense funding.


Rep. Rick Allen talks cyber security future at Fort Gordon, Lock and Dam

Congressman Rick Allen also touched on the lock and dam during his visit. He said there are real challenges in the battle with the Army Corps of Engineers.

Just last week the Corps announced its decision to deteriorating lock and dam with a set of rock weirs. Representative Allen said he believes the only way to control the river at the current level of the pool is with the current structure. He also says there’s a disagreement with the Corps on the pool level based on the law.

“I think the state of South Carolina is probably gonna sue in federal court in South Carolina, and a judge is going to say ‘OK, this is the law, you have to obey the law’ and then we’ll go back to the drawing board. But, we have to establish that first and then, obviously, establish control of the water second and third, we gotta make sure that the thing works," the congressman said.

He believes this needs to be handled quickly and said he hopes the corps and all involved can solve the issue together.

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