Georgia Election Officials to remove 300,000 voters from state’s voter rolls

Georgia Election Officials to remove 300,000 voters from state’s voter rolls

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Georgia Election Officials could soon remove more than 300,000 inactive registered voters from the state’s voter rolls. Now, political officials here in our area say about 6,000 of those people are in Richmond County alone.

A new state law requires voters to receive a notice before they can be purge from the voter registry. However, some, including the Richmond County Democratic Party and the local NAACP, say people shouldn’t lose their right to vote just because they haven’t exercised that right recently. They said they fear the purging process will be prone to mistakes and held a news conference to inform folks about how to keep their voting status active.

“When you’re talking about 6,000 people right here from Augusta, that can affect any district. That can affect any election in Augusta from mayor down to dog catcher. So, it’s important that we understand that in this state 300,000 people are getting ready to lose their right to vote,” said Richmond County Democratic Party Chairman Jordan Johnson.

“If people have a question about whether or not they’re still registered, if they’ve got purged, we can help with that. You can come down, you can look on the website or we can get you re-registered,” said New Georgia Project of Augusta Office Manager Joy Johnson.

the Georgia Secretary of States Office said that people who are at risk of being removed from the voter rolls will receive notification by mail. The group of democratic local leaders is urging people to respond to that up-coming notification and to check your voter status online at the Secretary of State’s website you can also reach out to the board of elections if you need help.

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