Operation Headstone to honor veterans buried without military headstones

Operation Headstone to honor veterans buried without military headstones

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Dozens of deceased veterans will soon receive proper headstones. Richmond County’s Coroner Mark Bowen and ForcesUnited Deputy Director Don Clark held a news conference Friday, Oct. 25, to announce an upcoming ceremony.

Richmond County deputy marshals discovered more than 100 headstones under a tarp at an abandoned funeral home back in June. Operation Headstone is dedicated to getting headstones to grave-sites where they belong.

“I wouldn’t want that to happen to any of my family members. I don’t know what was the reason for what happened, I won’t go into that, but it was horrible. They were given a job to do and they failed it. In the Army if we fail something, we get punished," said Army veteran Joseph Presberry.

Through this operation, nearly 30 gravestones will be placed at grave-sites at 10 a.m. in Dyess Park on Saturday, Nov. 2. A ceremony that’s open to the public will be held to honor the veterans for their service to our country that same day.

“It’s been a trying effort but one we’re honored to do, just to know these guys put so much in for us and now we’re going get the chance to put a little dignity back to them," said Richmond County Coroner Mark Bowen.

Below is a list of all the headstones, including the ones that will be delivered next month and the ones that still need to find a home.

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