Georgia Pacific plants in South Carolina cuts back on production

Georgia Pacific plants in South Carolina cuts back on production

MCCORMICK, SC (WFXG) - Two South Carolina plants are cutting back on production and letting go of some employees. Georgia Pacific announced this morning that it is idling two of their plants: one in Alllendale and the other in McCormick County. The company says the decision was based on “market changes.”

“At the Georgia Pacific plant in Allendale 142 full-time employees and three interns will be now be without jobs Here at the companys plant in McCormick 98 full time employees and 8 temporary employees will be without jobs," said employee Mary Liz Cannady. “This is a big shock to me.”

Majority of employees were notified of their release Tuesday morning but FOX 54 spoke to Cannady who works third shift at the plant in McCormick, SC. She found out from a co-worker.

Cannady said, “We have families. We have children. I know one friend who just about bought a new car. Like I say this is just way unexpected.”

The plant in McCormick first started operations in 1966, Georgia Specific tells FOX 54. Because it is an old mill, it is struggling to compete in today’s market.

Cannady told FOX 54 jobs in McCormick County is very scarce which forces many resident to work out of town. “I was just grateful to have a job in McCormick and not have to travel so far. And just you know be at home and be able to commute back and forth and home so this is a big hit for us.”

Corporate leaders for Georgia Pacific say production will continue for another 60 days. After that, all employees will be released except for those who need to manage inventory and maintain the sites in a ready state to begin production should market conditions change.

“They’re an awesome company to work for I haven’t worked for a company like this for a long time. And I appreciate them for giving me a chance. I hope they are able to continue to work and this is just a phase," Cannady said.

The company tells FOX 54 they will ensure all employees will be paid all earned wages and agreed upon benefits at the time of their release. The company plans to hold job fairs at both locations, as well as, offer each employee one-on-one meetings with HR on available position at other location with Georgia Pacific and Coch Industries.

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