Kamala Harris visits Aiken high school for town hall event

Kamala Harris visits Aiken high school for town hall event
Aiken residents gathered today as 2020 presidential candidate kamala harris held a Town Hall in Aiken county (Source: wfxg)

AIKEN, SC. (WFXG) - Despite the rain, dozens of people, including Mayor Hardie Davis and a few Aiken commissioners made it their mission to show up to Aiken High School on Saturday for the town hall event.

2020 Presidential Candidate, Kamala Harris, had the Aiken community attention as she shouted, ‘justice is on the ballot’ over and over at the top of her speech.

“Justice is on the ballot, it’s on the ballot, when the average American family can’t afford a $400 unexpected expense, or the average American family when presented a $500 hospital bill is facing bankruptcy, justice is on the ballot,” said 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Kamala Harris.

At the town hall event, Harris received questions from the crowd giving them the opportunity to get insight on issues that concern them most.

“It’s so important to find out what our presidential candidates are saying about our future. Not only that, but to really get a personal feel for the individual,” said community member, Rosie Berry.

Berry Is a retired educator in the Aiken community. Her biggest concern is debt for those trying to receive a higher education. “While their trying to pay off this debt, their collecting an interest rate, that makes it twice, three times, four times more than what the loan was in the first place. We’ve strapped them before their beginning has even started.”

Harris’s plan of action toward education, had the audience filled the room with applause. “So interest free student loans, debt free college and free community college and then debt forgiveness. I’m going to be rolling this out for families who make less than $100,000 a year,” said Harris.

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