Thomson High School opens welding facility thanks to generous donations

Thomson High School opens welding facility thanks to generous donations

THOMSON, GA (WFXG) - Thomson High School officially opened it’s welding facility on Wednesday, Oct. 9.

McDuffie County as the Thomson High School Bulldogs recognized their new welding lab with a round of applause. They were able to open after receiving a $100,000 grant from Georgia Power Foundation, $67,000 from the state, and $10,000 from Jefferson Energy.

“We think it’s a great opportunity for our students,” said Principal of Thomson High School Trevor Roberson.

An opportunity made possible by several corporate and state donations.

“This is one of the best investments we can make because if we give students an opportunity to do something that they enjoy and that can be lucrative for them, then that’s giving back to the community and helps improve us all," said Roberson.

The class joins numerous trade courses offered at the school, including: cosmetology, robotics, cyber security, construction, automotive, and early childhood. On top of the ribbon cutting, students took everyone inside and showed off their new found skills.

Senior at THS, Cameron Rodgers said, “We pretty much spend the whole class period welding until we have to stop. She makes us turn the machines off.”

“It’s been a great experience so far and I’m just excited to see how they grow, together and individually,” said THS welding teacher Courtney Moser.

In addition to learning the trade, this class offers the chance to graduate with a certification and go straight to the work force.

Roberson said, “There are so many places that are clamoring for welders, and welders make top dollar. So, we felt like this would be an opportunity for our kids who weren’t going to college, or the military, who wanted to go directly to work.”

In only a few months learning to weld, some students already have job offers after graduation. The course is leaving its mark on metals and students’ lives, and filling a need in our community.

Moser will be taking six students from the class to compete in a welding competition in Augusta on Nov. 14.

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