New clues could tie 2016 Richmond County homicide to the death of 4 others

New clues could tie 2016 Richmond County homicide to the death of 4 others
Justice for Brandon Grubbs (Source: WFXG)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Investigators with the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office tell FOX 54 there’s a new crack in a 2016 homicide, but they’re asking for your help to bust that crack wide open, as a mother and sister share their search for answers.

Brandon Grubbs was shot and killed at home three days after Christmas on Barbara Rd. in Augusta. Now, almost three years after his death, there are no arrests.

“This is where I come to see my baby” Cathy Williams said as she pointed to her son’s grave with tears streaming down her eyes. “I miss his phone calls, his text messages.”

“Now three years later I still don’t know nothing,” she said. “I’m still fighting trying to get justice.”

“I talked to him the night before - 11 o’clock,” she added, still crying. “He said he was going to go to bed, and he’d call me in the morning when he got up.

“The call I got was my daughter screaming he was gone that’s the worst day of my life. I’ve never been the same since.”

“I’m going crazy,” Kristen McGuyton said, as she described the impact of her brother’s death while she stood next to her mother at the gravesite with tears falling from her eyes as well. “Still three years later, and I’m still going crazy.”

Richmond County Investigator Lucas Grant told FOX 54 that Grubbs’s body was discovered by his friends, but anyone in question during the original investigation was cleared as a suspect.

“Not knowing, don’t have no answers - it’s hard,” Williams said. “You have to bury your child. They supposed to bury you. If anybody knows anything, please come forward.”

Deputies said someone did come forward after another family experienced the same loss.

“In this scenario it happened to someone that they loved,” Grant said, “so they felt they needed to reach out to this family, and provide the information that they knew, so their family and the Grubbs family can all receive justice.”

Grant said this caused Richmond County deputies to take a new look at Brandon’s death. He said that’s when they realized Grubbs was shot and killed two to three days before a double homicide in another county.

“The victims that are involved in it, they know one another, they knew one another, and they dealt with one another,” Grant said. “It brings us a step closer to what we feel the motive really was, and the narrative of the story, because it’s the same narrative and motive in this situation.”

He said the fresh perspective on Grubb’s death is also calling an older Richmond County double homicide into question.

“We’re hoping that it solves not one, not two, but multiple cases,” Grant said.

Now Brandon’s family is pleading with all of you, to see if you can remember anything about his case too.

“I’m going to get closure,” McGuyton said. “One way or another I’m going to get justice for him, and I’m not going to give up.”

“He was taken from me way too soon, and he did not deserve this,” Williams said. “It’s not right for you to keep living your life free, and my son is laying 10 feet under.

“If anybody knows anything, if it was your son, or your child, or anybody . . . you would want justice.”

If you know anything about the Grubbs case, or any of the other four deaths that could be potentially connected, you can pass that information along to authorities anonymously by calling 866-939-5050.

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