Commissioners support $500 car allowance

Commissioners support $500 car allowance

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Should you pay for commissioners’ cars? They’re discussing a plan for you to do so.

Some of them want a $500 stipend. Right now, they get a gas card that covers 125 gallons a month. Some commissioners say a stipend will cover gas & maintenance they need while doing city business.

“If someone worked for a private company and they were only getting a tank of gas a week, but their employee told them to go all over the city and county and state and whatever wear and tear and maintenance and insurance you gotta pay out of pocket,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

It’s a topic some Richmond County residents aren’t happy with. Commissioners recommended moving forward with this and will discuss again next week in a full commission meeting.

If passed, it would not become effective until 2021.

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