Burke County’s Citizen’s Police Academy starts October 1

Burke County’s Citizen’s Police Academy starts October 1

WAYNESBORO, GA (WFXG) - Thirty Burke County residents will begin learning the ins and outs of law enforcement in the area on Tuesday, October 1, as part of the first class to go through the Burke County Sheriff’s Office’s Citizen’s Police Academy.

The twelve week program will be every Tuesday from 6:15 p.m. until 8:15 p.m. The class will learn multiple facets of their local law enforcement, including traffic, face-to-face combat, booking, the detention center and more.

“We’re pretty excited about it. It gives us a chance to kind of show off a little bit, and really show everyone, hey, this is what we do, and this is why we do it,” Lieutenant Randall Norman with the sheriff’s office said. “Another thing we have discussed and are implementing is an Auxiliary Services Program, or Auxiliary Unit, where those who complete this course can come in and volunteer to help out with the Sheriff’s Office during different things.”

Each class will be taught by leaders in law enforcement, including Sheriff Alfonzo Williams. The sheriff’s office said it’s important for there to be a hands on approach, so that community members will understand what deputies face day-to-day. Lieutenant Norman added, “With this exposure, they’re able to say, 'Well from the outside I can tell you, I’ve seen first hand the reason they do certain things the way that they do.”

The course is open to Burke County residents 18 and older, as long as they have not been convicted of a felony.

Lieutenant Norman said the sheriff’s office is planning to hold another class next spring.

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