A new study shows naps are good for your heart

A new study shows naps are good for your heart
Healthy heart (Source: Pixabay)

AUGUSTA, GA. (WFXG) - We could all use a few more naps here and there, but what if you found out they can actually make you live longer? One study is working to find that out.

The association of napping with incident cardiovascular events is conducting a prospective cohort study to see the effect of naps on heart health.

Researchers looked at napping patterns of nearly 3,500 randomly selected people in Switzerland and then tracked their heart health for five years. They found that a nap once or twice a week reduced a person’s risk of heart attack, stroke and heart failure by 48% compared to those who don’t nap at all.

Dr. Hetal Thakore with Doctor’s Hospital of Augusta says naps are good for your heart in that they reduce stress and anxiety. When it comes to living longer though, it’s tough to determine. Dr. Thakore says, “While it’s not conclusive, it does kind of help progress the conversation along.”

He says researchers have to take lots of factors into consideration. Genetics, smoking, exercise and eating habits are all factors that researchers have to take into consideration before they can say naps prolong life.

But he also says a few extra naps here and there can’t hurt. When you need a break from the day, just go ahead and take that nap.

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