Reports show that a Aiken Horse was sexually abused

Reports show that a Aiken Horse was sexually abused

AIKEN, S.C. (WFXG) - FOX 54 obtained an incident report that shows an Aiken County horse was sexually abused.

According to the incident report, authorities received a call that the horse was tied up around its right front leg and right back leg.

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office says the owner of the horse noticed the horse’s tail was in the air, the owner also noticed that the horse seemed to be spotting from its vaginal area. At that time, a veterinarian was called to the scene and assessed that there was debris and irritation in the uterus and the horse also suffered from vaginal bruising.

“The horses normally come up to the fence, and they didn’t come up at all," said Abbey Ronco, owner of Spearhead Equines. That was just the first clue something wrong with Jachin, her six-year-old dutch warmblood.

“She was over in this strand of trees here. She couldn’t move. She just couldn’t move," Ronco said. “I noticed her legs were tied. That was the biggest thing, I was like ‘oh my god her legs are tied.’”

After calling a veterinarian, she found out the horse had been sexually assaulted. Ronco said, “It hurts because it’s a family member. And she specifically was tied up in a horrible fashion.”

She said the mare, who was on her way to competing on the Grand Prix Circuit, has been severely traumatized. “She’s depressed right now. She’s not eating treats. She’s not coming up to say hello.”

The once super friendly, outgoing horse is now keeping to herself. “She’s like a kid. I’m hurt for her, angry for her. Violated,"said Ronco.

As the investigation continues all Ronco can do is hope life returns to normal for Jachin. “I hope she comes back to being herself. I hope they catch the person and that nobody else has to suffer this.”

The investigation is still ongoing we will update you with the latest as soon as it becomes available.

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