Local toddler celebrates turning 3 with Target-themed birthday bash

Addy Rickerson turned 3 September 12 and invited her closest friends to a party at The Sweet Suite with a special theme

Local toddler celebrates turning 3 with Target-themed birthday bash

EVANS, GA (WFXG) - Addalyn Rickerson, aka, Addy -a 3-year-old girl - has one favorite place in the whole wide world.

“Mommy, can I go to Target?," Addy asked.

She hops in the car every day - helping her mom along the way.

“She even knows the directions to get here. She will point in the direction. If we pass by and not stop she will have a complete meltdown,” Sa’de Rickerson explained.

So for her birthday last week, it only fit to have a photoshoot inside Target.

“It was so hard to try to get her to focus on the camera because she was so torn on looking at all the toys on the toy aisle,” said Rickerson.

A local bakery served bulls-eye treats to make her party extra sweet.

“It means everything. She got home and she was like ‘mama, I had a Target party.’ And she was so happy that all of her friends came and had a good time," Rickerson recalled.

We asked Addy what was her favorite part and she shared the thing most dear to her heart.

“Decorating cupcakes,” Addie reflected.

And with that, the smallest employee of the month went on another Target run. To tackle the toy aisle and have some fun.

Addy and her friends aren’t the only ones who enjoyed that celebration. Her mom said she had so much fun with this theme - she just might do it again.

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Thank you to The Sweet Suite Bakeshop for your hospitality today and Addy's friends!! Addy has thoroughly enjoyed her...

Posted by Sa'de Rickerson on Sunday, September 15, 2019

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