New Richmond County School Board superintendent works to improve school system

New Richmond County School Board superintendent works to improve school system

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - He was the Richmond County School Board’s unanimous choice to take over as superintendent, and now Dr. Kenneth Bradshaw says he’s looking forward to serving students and making the school system one of the best in the state.

Although Dr. Bradshaw had been working in Chattanooga, Tenn., he’s no stranger to Richmond County. He previously held the school system’s deputy superintendent post and was a finalist for the superintendent job five years ago. Now, Dr. Bradshaw is nearly three weeks into his position as Richmond County Schools’ superintendent, and he’s hit the ground running.

“The first thing I came in was to look at the school strategic plan. At the top of the strategic plan is high student achievement," said Dr. Bradshaw.

Graduation rates data just came in. He says overall, the stats of many schools in the district have increased. Dr. Bradshaw said, “many of our schools that were at 100 percent remained at 100 percent. A few schools went down, which lowered the entire average of graduation rate.”

To Dr. Bradshaw it’s a natural fit to come in and continue the work already in progress. This includes reviewing discipline data from all the schools in the system in light of fights and other issues between teachers and students.

“We’re meeting with our security team, as well as all of our administrators to see what recommendations they have in place. Sometimes district office needs to really talk to our principals, talk to our administrators to see what support we can provide at the school level," Dr. Bradshaw said.

The Savannah native says he’s very familiar with the community and that his first superintendent job has been a near seamless fit.

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