Mother speaks out on daughter being blackmailed at school

Mother speaks out on daughter being blackmailed at school

JACKSON, SC (WFXG) - The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a threats and harassment case where a student took inappropriate pictures of another student in a classroom.

Fox 54 sat sown with victim’s mother to see how she is handling the situation.

“I’m the one that stepped forward and I’m a mother when it comes to my daughter” Katrima Smalley, mother of the victim says. " I’m going to do what’s right, if I have to take a stand for other mothers, I will do that" she adds.

This came after she heard the news that an anonymous student at Silver Bluff High school took inappropriate pictures up her daughters dress.

You’re taking something from someone that they can never get back, you might look at it like it’s a joke, but I don’t look at it like it’s a joke“ Smalley says.

In an incident report, investigators say her daughter received the pictures from an unknown Instagram account -- and the sender even asked her for more pictures.

“You’d think it be grown adults doing that, never children, but I see that society has changed“ Smalley says.

Many investigators have been placed on this case which brings much comfort to her mother. “They are trying to get it solved as fast as possible because she has to sit in a class with a student or students who she has no clue of who it was.“

Through it all, shes making sure she keeps her daughter uplifted and is encouraging her to not let an incident like this keep her from holding her head up high. "I give her scriptures. I pray with her. I encourage her. Don’t pay attention to the people around you, and if a situation happens that you can’t control, take it to the principal.“

The Aiken County Sheriff’s Office tells Fox 54 that this is still an ongoing investigation. Captain Eric Abdullah says, if anyone has experienced a similar situation to come forward.

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