Aiken County School Board responds to resignations

Aiken County School Board responds to resignations

AIKEN, SC (WFXG) - On Thursday, Sept. 5, Aiken County Schools Superintendent Sean Alford announced his resignation during a meeting. Following his resignation, three more members resigned.

One of those members was Rosemary English who had been with the school board since 1998. Her last day as a Board member was Friday, Sept. 14. English received an outcry from the Board and community members to keep her position, however, she stated that she would not return unless there was an ethics investigation into the Board.

FOX 54 has been following this story since the beginning, and now the Aiken County School Board has issued a letter regarding the resignation of Alford, allegations made and the ethics investigation.

Aiken County School Board Chairman Keith Liner says to refer to a quote by Dr. Alford’s attorney about allegations of wrongdoing that have been referenced in the media. Attorney Donald Gist, said "as to any allegations, they’re just that: allegations. Dr. Alford will not, under any circumstances, address those allegations, and they had nothing to do with his personal decision to pursue other career endeavors.”

In response to the ethics investigation, Liner said he cannot discuss or comment on whether there will be an investigation or not, because it would be by law, confidential. Liner then says, however, that “our school board will continue to strive to maintain community trust worthy of your support.”

Aiken County School District Policy BCA, Board Members Code of Ethics, states that matters discussed in executive session must remain confidential. “The Board has sought and followed the advice of legal counsel regarding the issues before the Board and will continue to do so, but cannot disclose confidential legal advice provided by the District’s legal counsel,” Liner wrote.

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