Richmond County Sheriff’s Office needs $100,000 for new precinct in National Hills

Richmond County Sheriff’s Office needs $100,000 for new precinct in National Hills

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Richmond County Sheriff Richard Roundtree needs $100,000. It’s the initial operating cost for a new precinct near Augusta National.

Sheriff Roundtree said WSQ LLC. brought the opportunity to build a precinct in the National Hills area to the sheriff’s office. They’re providing the building at virtually no charge to the city: a proposed lease agreement of a $1 a year for five years with a five-year renewal at $1.

Commissioners said they support the endeavor but they weren’t prepared for the major request.

“He went and talked to IT about getting services and stuff they need there but we should have been notified so we can wrap our heads around that kind of stuff, too. And try to figure out how we can get the money, because that’s what it’s all about, getting the money," District 9 Commissioner Marion Williams said.

“We plan to use the technology part of it because they were able to build us a camera monitoring room. So, eventually even though we don’t have a county-wide camera system now, we think that’s the way of the future and that’s the direction where we’re going," said Sheriff Roundtree.

Commissioners and the general counsel plan to look at the lease and find a funding source. Sheriff Roundtree says WSQ LLC is the same entity that purchased the Publix parking lot on Washington Rd., and if commissioners approve the money, he says about 30 deputies will begin utilizing the building in the late fall.

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