Augusta University opens a Multicultural Center on Summerville Campus

Augusta University opens a Multicultural Center on Summerville Campus
AU Multicultural Center (Source: Lex Juarez)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Augusta University wants to make sure students from all walks of life are comfortable on campus. Because of that, they opened a Multicultural Center on Tuesday, Sept. 17.

The center, located in room 209 of the Jaguar Student Activity Center, has been in use since the school year started. Students and administrators tell FOX 54 it has already started making an impact on campus. Kiara Tyner, Senior at Augusta University, said, “It’s awesome. I love it.” Student Government Association President Taili Cid said, “We are super ecstatic to have this room.”

The room acts as a safe space for anyone on campus to use. As the Multicultural Center, they say it is more than just a room. Tyner explained, “It is the love, and it is the conversation that makes every room what it is.” Cid added, “Here, it’s literally what we make of it, and I think that’s what makes it more special.” Whether it’s used for group meetings, study sessions or hanging out on campus, the open dialogue gives people a sense of freedom. Karen Mobley, Director of Multicultural Student Engagement, said, “All cultural interests; all diversity; all different opinions and mindsets come together and have the freedom of silence if they need that, the freedom of dialogue or whatever they have a need for.”

Mobley said some of the dialogue she mentions has led to more open mindedness. She explained, “I think it’s a place where everyone finds that they fit, but at the same time, I think students are able to feel comfortable coming in and asking questions that previously, they weren’t able to ask.” Tyner added, “It’s really growing people versus creating more ignorance, in a sense.” That growth is something Tyner, Mobley and Cid said is important to gain while in college. Tyner said, “Everybody has a voice. Everybody has an opinion, and it is needed. So, this is amazing.”

Throughout the next few months, The Office of Multicultural Student Engagement is hosting awareness programming to create unity in diversity. You can visit the Multicultural Center to find out more information.

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