Burn center sees uptick in vaping injuries

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) -The CDC is asking you to stop vaping. This comes after the organization reports over 400 cases of lung illnesses associated with vaping. The cases come from all over the nation, including right here in Georgia. Across the CSRA physicians are seeing a different set of vaping dangers.

Beretta Coffman with the Steel Burn Center says they’ve seen an alarming amount of burns from vaping. She says it happens one of two ways. Either the batteries from the vape catch on fire or the batteries explode. She says this uptick started around September 2016. Since then they’ve had well over 100 cases.

Coffman says they treated a case just last week, “we’re seeing people’s lives change. They’re disfigured. Their faces are changed forever. They have burns to their legs that require skin grafting, it’s just not worth it. ” Coffman adds there isn’t just one type of e-cigarette causing these burns.

if you’re going to vape anyway she suggests change the vape regularly and don’t leave them in your car in the hot sun.

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