Woman arrested for child deprivation and shoplifting

Woman arrested for child deprivation and shoplifting
Raven Tolbert arrested for shoplifting and deprivation of a minor. (Source: Richmond County Sheriff's Office)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - According to the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, a woman has been arrested for deprivation of a minor and theft by shoplifting.

Reports say Raven Tolbert was in Macy’s at the Augusta Mall on Aug. 7 with her two children. Tolbert reportedly took multiple pieces of clothing that valued over $300 into a fitting room while carrying what appeared to be a big, empty purse. When she exited the fitting room, she had less clothing in her hands and her purse then appeared to be full.

When a witness and mall security followed Tolbert out of Macy’s and into the parking lot, she ran across the lot with her two children behind her. Tolbert and one of the children made it into her vehicle. Tolbert started backing her car up towards her four-year-old daughter before mall security picked the girl up and brought her safely to the sidewalk. Toldbert then left the scene leaving her daughter behind.

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