Villa Europa remembers former employee

Villa Europa remembers former employee

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - An arrest has been made for the murder of John Jones who worked at Villa Europa on Deans Bridge Rd. for years. His co-workers will always remember the great man they say he was.

Jones did more than just being in the kitchen. He was known as the “John of all trades”, singing around the kitchen and putting everyone in a great mood.

“He loved doing it and you couldn’t tell him to stop 'cause you knew he was happy when he was singing," said Villa Europa manager Peggy Schaffer.

When Jones went missing for two weeks, and didn’t show up for work, his co-workers knew that wasn’t like him because of his commitment to his job.

“Just his all around helpfulness, he was always there and could do just about any of it and he was willing to do any of it," said Schaffer.

In an affidavit, authorities say John Daniels committed the murder on Aug. 28th by shooting Jones in the back. It was sad news to Villa Europa employees but Jones’s cheerfulness will not be forgotten. Schaffer said, “he was always the happy guy, he really was."

The one thing his co-workers will remember him most by was how he would say goodbye. “Even when he left he would turn around and wave, ‘alright y’all night night’ and he would come around and find people just to say bye," said employee Jarad Mack.

Villa Europa has created a ‘go fund me’ to support John Jones’s family. This case is in the early stage of the investigation but FOX 54 is working to provide more details.

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