More on the candidates for District One Commission

More on the candidates for District One Commission

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Some local elections are eight months away, and community members are starting to ramp up their campaigns. FOX 54 talked with two candidates for the District One Commission seat, and now you get to hear from the third.

Shawnda Griffin is the manager of a downtown business, a mother of three and a resident of East Augusta. She said she spent the past two years preparing to start her campaign. She said, “We need to be heard. Things we need in this community are not always being addressed, so it really became about being part of the solution instead of sitting back and complaining all the time.”

Griffin said issues she wants to focus on in the community include food deserts, giving teenagers and young adults places to go with age appropriate activities and making sure people feel safe in our community. She said she is not a politician, and hopes that resonates with the constituents in her district. “I’m just like the people I’m running to represent. Since I’ve been in Augusta, I’ve been homeless. I’ve been sick. I’ve been trying to make ends meat. I’ve been getting life together. I’ve been trying to help others, but one of the things I have a passion for is making sure my community is okay," she said.

The election is in May 2020. Other commission seats will be on the ballot as well.

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