Some Fort Gordon service members feel America is more unified, patriotic after 9/11

Some Fort Gordon service members feel America is more unified, patriotic after 9/11

FORT GORDON, GA (WFXG) - These service members rucked 10 miles around Fort Gordon for 48 hours. Carrying the American flag, a heavy backpack, M16 rifle and thoughts of the fallen as motivation to move forward.

“A lot of them got to the point where their feet were so sore that it was questionable whether or not they should. But they said the reason they were doing, that prevented them from quitting and they persevered," said 9/11 Memorial Ruck March organizer SGM Joseph Leggett.

‘Footsteps in Formation’, part of the installation’s annual tribute to the traumatic past. The years of separation only solidify the reason why they serve.

Fort Gordon Firefighter/EMT Sam Potts recalled, “I watched it on the news and it just kind of lit a fire inside of me. I wanted to serve so I joined the military, became a fireman and 9/11 every year that fire lights back up and makes me want to continue in service.”

Eighteen years into the fight with Al-Qaeda, these firemen said the nation’s more patriotic.

“September the 12, I read something that. Every American Flag in some of the grocery stores was sold out. And I can say with full honesty that my American flag flies high on the top of my house and it will never come down," said Fort Gordon Firefighter/EMT Scott Westmoreland.

Service members said the terrorist attack that intended to break the American spirit unified us instead.

Fort Gordon’s Honor Guard fired a single canon shot at Signal Towers Flag Pole to signify the crash of Flight 1785 into Tower 2, Flight 77 into the Pentagon and Flight 93 into Shanksville, PA.

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