H54K: Brown Girls Code

Girls Rule!

H54K: Brown Girls Code

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WFXG) - Brown Girl Code is a local organization designed to bring young ladies to the forefront of the world of Technology and put them on track to be industry leaders. Founder and CEO, Ebony Brown-Hicks, created the group to make sure that happens saying that she wanted to reach young girls early on and expose them to Science and Technology.

Through hands on training and instruction, Brown Girls Code members receive valuable information and exposes them to how they can use this knowledge not only for their future career but right now in their everyday lives.

Not only does being a member of BGC teach young girls about computers, it also provides a positive, safe space and a young sisterhood great for connecting and making new friends.

As we continue to move through the Information Age make sure you remember the name Brown Girls Code as they are sure to one day rune the world for sure!

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