Red Cross Assesses Dorian response

Red Cross Assesses Dorian response
The American Red Cross of Augusta assesses their response to Hurricane Dorian.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Now that, Hurricane Dorian has left our area and coastal evacuees are home, the Red Cross is taking a look at how they did.

Susan Everitt, the executive director of the Red Cross of Augusta, says they work in three phases; prepare, respond and recover.

She says compared to previous hurricanes they were more prepared than before. On Monday, they’ll start meeting to assess their weaknesses and how they could’ve responded differently.They’ll have interviews with volunteers to understand how they could improve their responding efforts.

Everitt says,“after every incident we say how can we get bigger, we had more people in earlier, which was really great,and we had a lot of supplies on hand more than we had before, so that was a great strength”

Everitt says it’s important to note this is a community effort and the collaborative efforts also made their response to the hurricane successful.

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