Six different types of cancer recognized with ribbon-hanging at Georgia Cancer Center

Six different types of cancer recognized with ribbon-hanging at Georgia Cancer Center
Georgia Cancer Center will host a Cancer Awareness Ribbon Hanging at noon Friday, Sept. 6, at the center's Outpatient Services clinic to raise awareness and celebrate survivors of gynecological, leukemia, lymphoma, ovarian, prostate and thyroid cancers (Source: Jasmine Anderson)

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - A group of people hung ribbons at the Georgia Cancer Center Friday. They did it in honor of people impacted by prostate, thyroid, leukemia, lymphoma, ovarian and gynecologic cancer.

It’s to boost the spirits of those survivors and to remind people to get an annual checkup, because catching these cancers early can save your life.

“I felt like I was bloated, that I’d just eaten too much through the holidays. Then one night I was laying on my back and I felt something that didn’t feel right. And then I went to the doctor and from there we had it diagnosed and ended up down here. It was like God’s path for us, we ended up in the exact right place," said Janet Miller, who is a four-year ovarian cancer survivor.

Augusta University Chief of Urology Dr. Martha Terris said doctors can likely treat and cure cancer in the early stages, when it’s small, without serious side effects.

“We know that if someone is diagnosed with a cancer late, after it’s already advanced, the treatments number one may not be successful - they may lose their battle to that cancer. And the treatments are much more morbid. You could have serious side effects that impact the quality of your life.”

Blood coming from irregular places (urine, cough, vomit), lumps and bumps where they shouldn’t be (breasts, thyroid, neck, armpits) and unexplained weight loss (if you haven’t been dieting and exercising) are several symptoms that should trigger you to see your doctor, according to the Georgia Cancer Center.

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