Augusta Animal Services providing a safe place for evacuee’s pets

Keeping your pets safe

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - Leaving your home to evacuate from a storm can cause financial, physical, and emotional stress. With so many unknowns, having a sense of security for your family can bring some peace of mind.

That’s exactly what one evacuee told FOX 54 about their struggle to not leave any ‘loved one’ behind. “I was so happy, because they’re my family. It’s like my kids," said Kemberly Jackson, who evacuated from Savannah.

Jackson is talking about her pets. She joins many other pet owners who had to evacuate and find places for their furry friends to stay. After losing everything a few years ago in Hurricane Matthew, parting ways with their three dogs added to their stress.

“Me and my daughter was taking it very hard," said Jackson. “It’s tragic to worry about what we’re going back to, you know, what’s going to happen."

Augusta Animal Services brought her family some relief. They’re helping out with housing evacuee’s pets.

“We have volunteers that will be here at eight o’clock in the morning to start walking them, and we feel the same way. What if it was mine?” said Augusta Animal Services Deputy Director Crystal Eskola.

Currently they have nine dogs and four cats and are expecting more. Knowing the pets have a roof over their heads and are happy means the world to families like Jacksons.

“It put a little peace. It’s a peace in my heart that they’re being taken care of," said Jackson.

Owners are able to come play with the pets anytime during the day.

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