Buona Caffe hosts first ever latte art throw down

Buona Caffe hosts first ever latte art throw down

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) -Buona Caffe hosted Augusta’s first ever latte art throw down Friday.

“This has never happened, we’ve never had a latte art competition here before, most people are not aware that there is an entire competitive circuit for latte art“ says Pat Curry, Co-Owner of Buona Caffe.

Coffee makers including, Edna Martinez, competed head to head to see who could create the best latte art from steamed milk. “I just want to have fun. I don’t really care if I win or not , just want to do it for the experience to say that I was in a latte art competition."

The contestants participated in four rounds and got the chance to be judged by three judges including a celebrity guest. Leonard “Pork chop” Zimmerman, he’s a local artist, he’s a big fan of coffee and has been a big fan of this art for a long time” says Curry.

The event also included a raffle to help give all proceeds to Lynndale, Inc. which is an organization that provides people with disabilities the support they need. “The raffle that we have tonight is about 25 coffee gifts if you’re really into coffee there is something in there that you’ve gotta take home, the tickets are incredibly affordable” says Curry.

With this being Buona Caffe’s first competition, they hope to have many more in the future to continue to bring the coffee community together.

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