Augusta University’s contribution to Georgia’s economy

Augusta University economic impact.

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - In a recent report from the Selig Center for Economic Growth, Augusta University and Augusta University Health have contributed $2.39 billion dollars to Georgia’s economy in the fiscal year of 2018.

The university is accountable for more than 21,000 jobs across the state of Georgia, making this accomplishment a huge economic impact. The institutions also brought a grand number of 72 jobs in the cities of Rome, Albany, and Savannah.

“Students want to be at a vibrant university , a lot of the education that we do here takes place outside of the classroom. And as we contribute to the growth and development of this community we want students to come Augusta University to also enjoy Augusta because that’s such a fabric of who we are," said President of Augusta University Dr. Brooks Keel.

Dr. Keel says their primary focus is to educate and train students as well as take care of patients. With results like these he adds that he is filled with gratitude that this university has made such an impact.

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