H54K: Lena’s J’s Hair Bows

H54K: Lena J's Hairbows

AUGUSTA, GA (WFXG) - This week’s 'High Five for Kids’ became a business owner when her mother told her that she had the ability to make her own bows.

Lena J is the owner and operator of Lena J’s Hair Bows. Lena says she was inspired by YouTube sensation, JoJo who is known for her funky hair bows. After Lena asked her mother for a Jojo bow, her mother told her “no” and told Lena that she could create her own hair bows.

"I wanted a bow and it was way too expensive so I went to the store and I saw this bow kit and my Mom she said “there goes your bow maker”, so for Christmas I got it. I started making my bows and I went to my family and they said “oh you should start selling these”. Lena J said.

Lena now has a full line of hair bows including bows that represent special causes like breast cancer and Autism awareness. Lena says the real reward from creating the hair bows is how they make girls like herself feel pretty.

Lena J told FOX 54, “I mostly wanted to let girls feel special about how they feel about themselves. I just want to say never give up when it comes to doing something, try to push through your challenges, all your challenges and even if you fall down get back up.”

Lena’s mother, Charlina Hollie, was quite surprised about how successful the hair bows have become and she is super proud of her daughter. Lena J says she wants to continue to expand her collection and keep inspiring other girls with her success.

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